Posted on: 01/09/2023 @ 09:00

Dear students, welcome to the challenge of the Pancyprian Informatics Competition BEBRAS which is organized based on the standards and regulations of the International Organization Bebras. The Cyprus Computer Society represents Cyprus in the International Organization BEBRAS.

The competition has been offered to gymnasium students since 2012 for Gymnasium Students. Starting in 2020, the competition BEBRAS will be offered for the first time to students of primary education (4th - 6th grades).

BEBRAS is not your typical competition which simply assesses your knowledge and skills on subjects you have been taught in class. But for a unique, clever, innovative and playful competition through which your logical and analytical thinking, observation, ingenuity, innovation, speed of thought are challenged.

It is noted that the students are not required to have any specific knowledge about computers, software applications or programming in order to participate in the competition!

The problems of the competition are not the common problems of a typical knowledge competition but innovative and clever questions which provoke your reflection, fantasy and logic. To promote team spirit in learning, cooperation and collaboration for the achievement of a solution during your preparation and to exhibit your uniqueness at competition time. 

Can you respond to the challenge? Dare to prove it!