In 2007, Bebras took place in six countries, with about 50 000 participants total. In 2008, already ten countries organized their Bebras contest, with more than 96 000 students participating. In 2009, the overall participation jumped to ca. 160 000 in 11 countries. In 2010, Bebras took place in 13 countries, with about 235 000 participants overall.

In 2011, there were 17 Bebras contests already, with an overall participation of more than 370 000.  Roughly 40% of all participants were from Germany, while Lithuania, where Bebras originated in 2004, had the highest relative participation (almost 6 participants per 1000 inhabitants).

The progress of the BEBRAS initiative has been remarkable and in 2016 more than 40 countries organized a competition with more than 1.5 millions students participating.

BEBRAS has been organized in Cyprus since 2012 under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture. For the preparation of tasks used in the national BEBRAS competitions an International BEBRAS Workshop is organized every year in different a country. Each country is represented by two persons in this workshop who also have the responsibility to prepare the tasks on behalf of Cyprus. 

Cyprus will be organizing the International BEBRAS Workshop in 2018 during the period 7-11 May.  

Visit the website of the international organization BEBRAS.


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