Instructions for Registration/Confirmation and Payment 


Eligible to participate are students of who are currently in the A, B and C Grades of Gymnasium of the public and private schools in Cyprus.

Users in the System

Students, parents and teachers are all considered users of the Bebras Cyprus System and can create their own account in the system.

  • A student account allows the student to register herself/himself in the competition directly without the involvement of any other person.
  • A parent account allows the parent to register his/her children (and their friends) in the competition
  • A teacher account allows the teacher to register his/her students in the competition. 

We clarify that the users parents and teachers have the same rights and functionality in the system and they can pay their participation fee (if there is one) and see their results.

Creation of an Account (Students/Parents/Teacher)

For the creation of an account in the Bebras System all users must use a unique email address.  If you don\'t have an e-mail address you must first create one, i.e on Google. Visit the address and follow the instructions. Make a good note of your access codes so that you remember them. 

Follow the steps below to create an account in the Bebras system:

  • select ACCOUNT\Register from the menu,
  • enter correctly your e-mail address
  • complete your first and last names
  • decide and enter your password; make a note of your password and keep it safe
  • Save the form.

Registering for a Competition

Students Registering themslves directly

After you create an account, follow the steps below:

  • access the system through the LOGIN option
  • select the option Account\Enrol to Competition
  • Complete all details as required. Make sure you select the correct city, school from the lists shown. 
  • Save the form. 

Parents or Teachers Registering their Children or Students 

After you create an account, follow the steps below:

  • acces the system through the LOGIN option
  • select the option Enter Competition
  • Complete all personal details of your child or student required
  • Save the form.

Please note that it is very important to enter a unique e-mail address for each student you are registering. For each entry, an e-mail message is automatically sent to the address of the student. The message includes the access codes of the student, the user name and the password. 

It is very important that you advise the student to access his e-mail application and locate the message in the inbox or junk folder from [email protected] .

Running Demo Competitions

To familiarize yourself with the competition environment and the types of questions you can run two different demo/trial competitions from the link/page here (= h ). You can attempt them as many times as you wish and you will be able to see your results and the questions as well. The results of the demo competitions do not count in any way.  

You will also be able to run one of the demo/trial competitions when you register and login in the system with your credentials.   


In case that there is a cost for participation in the competition, the student must pay the registration fee in order to be eligible to participate. Payment can be made as follows:

  • with a credit card via the Internet on the secure systems of Paypal and JCC  

Payment can be made by the student/parents directly. A teacher can also pay for the students he/she registered for participation in the competition, provided they make arrangement for their repayment.

To pay the participation fee:  

  • login in the system  
  • select Account\My Registrations
  • Choose More\Pay for the competition you are interested into.  
  • Selecte the method of secure payment (Paypal or JCC) 
  • Follow the instructions for completing the payment process.

Confirmation of Registration

After payment, the student must print the «Confirmation of Registration and Payment» form.  Teachers can print the «Confirmation of Registration and Payment» form for each of their students and hand it to them.

On the Competition Day

The student must ensure that he/she has already paid. Otherwise, he/she will not be able to run the competition. Οn the second round of the competition, eligible students must bring with them their identity card, without it they will not be able to participate in the competition.

More information 

For more information or clarifications please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Christina Papamiltiadou at the Cyprus Computer Society at the telephone number 22460680 and at [email protected].


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