2nd Round of BEBRAS Challenge

Considering the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, the Organizing Committee will be announcing the dates of the second round of Bebras Challenge after the Ministry of Health announces its decisions about the epidemiological situation and the next steps on 31st January 2021. We hope that the measures will be lifted so that we can announce final dates  for the event.

We ask both students, teachers and parents to check their e-mail and this website for further announcements.

Issued by: The Organizing Committee
15 January 2021

Winners of the 1st Round of BEBRAS Challenge 2020-2021 Announced

Dear students,

We sincerely thank you for your massive participation in the BEBRAS Challenge 2020-2021 the first round of which is now over. We hope that you found the questions challenging, fun and interesting and that you had an overall positive experience.

We congratulate all students for their effort and especially the winners of the first round.  

You may see the announcements:  

Please check the correctness of your personal details  (α) name and last name (b) father's name (β) school name and let us know by Monday, 4th January 2021 at 14.00 for any errors so that we can correct them.  The results will also be submitted to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport Youth.  

In the announcements details about the time and place of the organization of the second round of BEBRAS Challenge are also included.   

After the noon of 28th December, you will be able to see your own results in the first round of the Challenge, You can login in your account with your credentials, click OPTIONS and VIEW RESULTS.  Together with your results you can  also see:  


  • the questions of the challenge 
  • your answers and the correct answer for each question  
  • relevant explanations about the solution for each question   

You may also download and print your personalized certificate of participation from your account. ​ 

We thank you once again for your participation and we sincerely congratulate the winners  of the first round. We hope you will spend a joyful Christmas with your beloved ones and we wish you health, joy and successes in the new year.  .


Issued by: The Organizing Committee

28 December 2020


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