Although the Bebras Challenge focuses mainly on the enjoyment of participation it is recognized that participation and success must be recognized and rewarded. The following certificates and rewards are provided for the participants in the competition:

  • Certificate of participation to all participants in the first round
  • Certificate of participation for all participants in the second round

Awards Ceremony  

Eligible to participate in the awards ceremony are distinguished students, their school representative, teacher(s) and their parents/guardians.

Distinguished students are considered those students in each grade with the top 15 marks in the second round of the competition. A certificate of achievement will be awarded to all distinguished students. A plaque of achievement will be awarded to the top three students of  each  class.  

The organizers highly value the contribution of school management and teachers to the success of the event and the following awards will be given as an indication of appreciation:

  • Certificate of appreciation to schools with at least 25 participating students 
  • Certificate of appreciation to teachers who will register 25 students and ensure their participation in the competition. 


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