Competition Structure

Goal: Answer as many questions as possible correctly.

Rounds: 2

Duration: Up to 2 hours for the gymasium, up to 1 hour for the primary school

Questions: 15-20 for the gymnasium and 10-15 for the primary school, with a gradual level of difficulty

Levels of Questions: A'- Easy Questions, B' - Medium Difficulty Questions, C' - Difficult Questions

Maximum Score: 100, based on the indicative table below


Difficulty Level



Total Negative Mark for Wrong Answer
A' - Easy 8 4 32 -1
Β' - Medium 8 5 40 -1
C' - Difficult 4 7 28 -2

Skipping Questions: Allowed and marked with 0

Qualification to second round: The top 50 students with the best score from each grade.

Final Score: The scores from the two rounds are not aggregated. In the event of a tie, the time taken by the student to complete the competition is taken into account. The student's score with the shortest time is considered better.


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