Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply in relation to the use of the Bebras website. It is expected that users of the website adhere to the regulations below.

Participation Fee for Competitions

The Organizing Committee of the Bebras Competitions may decide to set a fee for participating
in the competitions. The fee is announced along with the Competition details.

Failure to pay the participation fee will prevent the user from participating in the competition.
Participation fees are paid by the deadline specified with the announcement of the competition.

A purchase with the name <<billing descriptor>> will appear in your bank statement verifying the payment.

Refund Policy

The participation fee covers the participation of a single person in a single competition. The fee
is paid once per competition and is not refundable.

Termination of User Account

Users of the Bebras website can request the removal of their account from the Bebras system
by sending an email to [email protected] at any time. Termination will be effected within 48
hours from the time of the request.

Re-Instating a User Account

Users who have terminated their account on the Bebras website may follow the standard
procedure for establishing an account.

E-Mail Account Update

Since all correspondence with the Bebras users is done electronically, it is noted that it is the
user\'s responsibility to maintain his/her e-mail address correctly within the system.


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